Kyosho MR01/015RM PT Cruiser Body Set (Silver)
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2 to 5 days


Kyosho 30206S Mini-Z PT Cruiser Silver RC Tηλεκατευθυνόμενο Αυτοκίνητο

Technical data

Length approx.: 160 mm; Width: 68 mm; Trace (v&h): 56.5 mm; Wheel base: 90 mm; Weight: 190 g; Engine: 130er


With a wheel base of 90 mm the mini z Racer belong to the smallest representatives of their kind! The distribution of the mini z takes place completely with RC-plant. Beside a receiver with integrated number of revolutions plate a sub-micro linear servo comes for the steering element to the employment. The front wheels are separately hung up and springy in each case. The rear axle is laid out as Powerpod and possesses a differential gearing for maximum driving stability in fast curves.

The guarantees a direct giving in behavior and an optimal handling in fast curves. The 130er electric motor is co-ordinated special with the mini z Racer and supplies a high drive power with small current consumption. An enormous selection of bodies and Tuningteilen makes the optimal vote of its mini z Racers for each driver possible! The absolute Racing Fun for living rooms!


Scope of supply

• Drivingfinished installed chassis with RC-plant

• Completely body painted

• 4 different engine pinions

• Pistol transmitter

• Wheel nut key

• Pylons