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The temptation for Kyosho to recreate the same high performance and style of a true AWD (all-wheel-drive) in Mini-Z size was simply too much to resist. The advanced design combines a shaft driven AWD with a precision 4-wheel independent suspension using a king-pin and strut system in an ultra-compact chassis. The addition of newly designed front and rear differential units using crown and pinion gears produces high efficiency drive performance with similar low levels of resistance to the existing 2WD version. Also, the addition of the AWD drive train hardly increases the weight of the chassis at all, enabling the benefits of AWD to be realized without any downside. The final result is a powerful chassis with awesome handling. The narrow 65mm width of the chassis also matches a wide range of the exquisite car bodies that the Mini-Z is famous for. The design also allows for personalized setting adjustments such as easy toe angle changes with optional parts. This AWD chassis introduces a completely new dimension to the high-tech world of micro racing.

  • Mid-ship motor mount on the shaft driven AWD produces ideal driving characteristics.
  • King-pin strut system on the 4-wheel independent suspension realizes advanced running performance.
  • Fully assembled chassis includes pre-installed RA-12 receiver unit with built-in ESC.
  • Precision universal swing shafts are fitted on all axles. Produces uninhibited suspension movement and transfer of drive power.
  • 3-bevel differential drives all four wheels and uses a crown and pinion with specially designed gear teeth.
  • Advanced precision technology has been employed to deliver the ultra-reliable differential unit.
  • One-touch tie-rods can be easily attached or removed. Optional tie-rods can be used to adjust front and rear toe angle settings.
  • Completed body, finished with painting and affixed with decals.
  • Resin-coated metal core of the universal swing shafts produce strong and reliable drive power.
  • Equipped with 4 precision ball bearings for high-efficiency performance.
  • Includes four pinions and three spur gears for a wide scope of gear ratio settings.
  • Chassis height adjustment collars allow chassis to be dropped down low.
  • Front end features bump stop that regulates stroke and prevents tire contact with the body.
  • High-accuracy 1/100mm finish.
  • Differential unit can be removed with just four screws on the front and six on the rear.
  • Features the controlled drift of a true AWD machine.
  • Only 5g heavier than the MR-02 chassis, despite the AWD and independent suspension.
  • Uses the narrowest 65mm chassis design so the Mini-Z 01 / 015 body styles can be used.
  • Can be easily converted to the Mini-Z Racer M and L size to suit your existing Mini-Z body. (Some body styles may not be compatible).

ReadySet Contents:

  • Factory assembled chassis with installed R/C Unit
  • Painted plastic body complete with markings
  • Wheel-type transmitter
  • Pinion Gear 4-types, Spur Gear 3-types (combines for 3 different wheelbase settings)
  • Chassis height adjustment collars
  • Pinion Gear Tool
  • Spare Nuts Wheel Wrench
  • * AA-sized batteries X 8 for transmitter, AAA-sized batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH) X 4 for chassis are sold separately

Stylish packaging presents the MINI-Z AWD in detail !

  • Sophisticated design of the MINI-Z AWD exposed by the unique packaging.
  • See the MINI-Z AWD Readyset in breathtaking detail with the clear window packaging that makes a good display in itself.

Chassis Technical data:

  • Length 131.5mm
  • Width 65~70mm
  • Height 43mm
  • Ground Clearance 4mm
  • Wheelbase 90mm(M), 94mm(L)
  • Tread (F/R) 56.5~59.5mm / 54.0~59.5mm
  • Tire(F/R) Φ25×8.5mm / Φ25×8.5mm or 11mm
  • Gear Ratio 7.2/6.4/6.0/5.7/5.3/5.0/4.5 : 1
  • Weight 135g (approx.)
  • Motor 130-Class