Vampire Racing TYPE AB+ V2 4.5T 540-size Brushless Motor
Κωδικός: VR3045V2
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Building on the winning heritage of Vampire Racing's AB+ Modified motors comes the new AB+ V2 brushless motor generation. Based on the experience gained with the original Type AB+ motors the new V2 offers easier maintenance, increased performance and a cool new look. Designed to meet current IFMAR, EFRA and ROAR rules the Type AB+ V2 is of a fully rebuildable design with separate stator unit and features a new duo-balanced and Titanium-Nitride coated 'black shaft' rotor, a replaceable rubber-sealed precision sensor unit and oversized high-quality ball bearings. New redesigned venting holes reduce the change of dirt and stones getting into the motor while retaining exceptional cooling efficiency for the highest performance possible. The motors are available in a variety of windings ranging from 4.5T for modified touring cars over 5.5T 4WD buggy up to 8.5T 2WD buggy variants.