JConcepts Gray Racing Stripes Moisture Wicking T-Shirt (X-Large)
Κωδικός: JC2365XL
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This is the JConcepts Gray Racing Stripes Moisture Wicking T-Shirt. JConcepts drops the Racing Stripes moisture wicking shirt into the hardcore community of R/C Racers. The punch message of JConcepts.net remains the highest priority front and rear with the original tagline of World Proven Innovation and Design positioned directly below. Much like the muscle cars of the 1970’s, the blue and white racing stripes vertically positioned, and extend well below the logos for decorative impact and presence.


  • Gray, moisture wicking fabric
  • Vertical muscle car racing stripes front and rear
  • 2014/2015 JConcepts logo front and rear
  • Many sizes available